Blog #7-Texture


What It Is, page 110, Lynda Barry

If I were to judge this page as an art piece, I would say it represents introspection. The bird in the center left of the image is what should immediately draw the eye, but the text next to it is what I feel is the “jumping off point” of examining the page as a whole; It says, “What is Intention? What is having something in mind beforehand?” along with “An assignment?” in red text underneath the first question. Using that question, we can examine the “texture” of the page-Manmade imagery combined with natural imagery. The bird on the left has the thought, “you are” inside of its head and the monkey on the bottom right seems to be relaxing in a robe. There are also images of stamps, an old black and white photo of a boat, a flying fish that seems to be carrying leaves, other birds, and various other thought inducing questions, statements, and a “reading test” on the bottom of the page that is covered by a poem about someone’s shadow.

This page and most of the pages from the book have a “cut-out” style of presentation, reflecting the question of intent that seems to be the theme of this page. Everything in the image serves a purpose, filling up space, adding points of interest, and adding a lot of layers to the image. The poem about the shadow on the bottom takes priority over the reading test, the leaves placed on the flying fish make them look attached, and the various bits of text create add a very introspective yet absent minded tone to the page, prompting thought despite a seemingly random placement.

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