Javin Nash – Texture


Lynda Barry “What It Is” page 9

In “What It Is” by Lynda Barry on page 9 she illustrates texture beautifully in my opinion. At first I could not tell if the butterfly was concrete texture that I was observing or if the creature was real until I looked long and hard at the pages. Concrete texture is the physical quality resulting from repeated slicing, burning, marking, and extracting which results in a textural surface with robust appeal. Although this picture does not demonstrate textural harmony and contrast i did notice a similar example in our book “alphabet texture”. The book shows bananas for x,y,z and I feel like this butterfly does not display any letter but it does represent some sort of physical texture. I think she created the artwork for this book by looking back on her diary as a child or even a teenager. I feel like this because most of her drawings look like animals, creatures, stuffed animals, and lonely people especially on page 9. Her inspiration definitely came from somewhere inside of her; I do not think that there was much of an outside influence or inspiration for her artwork. I think she chose the method that she went with because it is unique and it probably feel true to who she is. For each of her illustrations there are not usually a focal point it is just a lot of different things going on all at once, which give the observer a chance to wander around the pages and find something new each time they visit. Either way Lynda has a great imagination for her artwork and because of how out of the box she thinks with her illustrations.

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