Layers: Leandra Choy


Page 48 from What It Is By Lynda Barry

There are many things that are made up of layers. Like cake, book shelves, wood, illustrations on Adobe Photoshop, rocks, etc. Layers are ,according to Graphic Design The New Basics, “simultaneous, overlapping components of an image or sequence.” Graphic designers and artists use layers when creating their art. Lynda Barry is a perfect example for an artist who uses layers. Her artwork always consists of collages which is a classic method to help understand what layers are. When you look at page 48 from What It Is there are layers of scrap paper, pictures, text, and paintings.These layers are also an example for “Cut and Paste” technique. Her mixed media that she uses to maker her art consist of paper shreds, paper quotes,  pictures. Barry uses these to frame important aspects of her collages. What I think from this example is that the black and white photo in the middle of the page is framed around Barry’s little doodles, text, and hand writing that tells us that it might be from her child hood. I guess from her child hood that’s when she remembers all the whimsical stuff and was more creative, hence the the little drawings and small comic on the right side of the page.


Pages 26 and 27 From Mimi And The Wolves Act I by Alabaster

In my second example I think I see some typographic layers and maybe temporal layers on pages 26 and 27 from Mimi And The Wolves. Temporal layers are made from the frames. In a typographic way, our eyes read page 26 from top to bottom. First the story is one way but as we move along the page, it progressively changes each frame. Also on page 27,the bottom half the the time shifts all in one frame instead of being through multiple frames. This is what I think it means when something is Temporal.Our eyes move from the top of the frame on Mini, then shes being pulled down right beneath what we saw first. Then under that, there are these demon like creatures surrounding her. It gives it depth in a sense to the story and that frame.

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