Layers: Jon Williams


When looking at this particular page, the theming of a scrapbook is still very relevant. With this theme, the layers of the page are fairly obvious and straight forward. This isn’t necessarily true always. (What it is, by Lynda Barry. page 146)

With this page, the layers are mostly physical layers, objects that look like they’re actually stacked on top of one another. on the top of the page, there is the octopus page which acts as a header, but is separate from the dotted lines paper, to create a clear separation between the two pages. This separation helps divide the header that has directions from the paper the reader is meant to write in. It’s more evident that this is the idea as blue birds litter the sides of the page to kind of act as monitors to where the reader is allowed to write. This divide is important, and it wouldn’t have the same effect as if it were a digital layer, where the objects are divided by a clear, colored line.


Brian creates this sort of cut out of the restaurant to quickly show the reader the layout of an otherwise chaotic area and to get to the point of the story on the next page.(Seconds, by Brian Lee O’Malley. Colored by Nathan Fairbairn)

In this image, a combination of digital layers and temporal layers are being used. Each room is in and of itself a new art piece, even if it shares a floor with another room. With each image, the border of each image is itself another image, the walls of the basement. Without these different layers, if say each room got it’s own page, not only would it take too long to get through the basement, but the reader would be confused as to where things take place were relative to other rooms in the basement, which is important for the story. So creating a sense of familiarity quickly is key, and layering the rooms like this is perfect.

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