Texture: Hak Do


Lynda Barry’s “What It Is” Page 88.

Texture can be conveyed in many ways. Through the use of implied lines, physical textures, virtual textures etc. By including texture into something, it creates meaning, such as if a smooth texture was added to an art piece it conveys a calming message.

In Lynda Barry’s “What It Is” on page 88,  there are multiple instances where texture is involved. She uses a lot of surface manipulation and physical textures to tell her story. In the middle where all of the birds are there is a piece of actual paper, what looks like an envelope, and on that envelope there are creases that indicate surface manipulation to create texture. If I were to touch it, would feel bumpy and like paper. She uses physical textures through the use of the small red balls or gems placed along the white tree. If you were to look at the page in person it would seem like you could almost touch the red balls and it would feel grainy. Maybe she chose this kind of texture to convey the tree and how it would feel if one touched that tree. Or maybe she is conveying some sort of message that the tree is inconvenient because that is the first thing I would think of if I touched that grainy texture. She uses virtual texture with the flower like objects on the right side of the page. Through the use of contrast and depth, it gives texture to the flowers, a soft and subtle one.

I feel like theme of this page and a few other following it were themed with envelopes and postcards. So what better way to convey that theme than to actually put an envelope or at least a piece of it on the page. The texture alone people can guess that it’s an envelope and also the postcard with the monkey and ghost on it indicate that it has a theme of travel or message.

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