Texture-Miguel Bustos


From “What It Is” by Lynda Barry. Page 20. Print image.

Texture is something that have a feel to it.  It is a tactile sensation that we normally experience with our physical bodies.  This sensation can be translated into the visual realm with a few tricks. The way something is perceived can be manipulated and influenced by the visual cues an artist uses, and that texture, affects the way we see their work.

In this photo, Lynda Barry is exploring the difference between imagination and reality.  The images that are meant to be reality are photographs with clear lines and sharp images.  They seem hard and unchangeable.   The imaginary portions, are drawings with unfocused images and edges that blur and meld to their background.  They have a squishy feeling and could be easily manipulated.

There contrasting parts in both the imagination and reality, like the eyes on the black character to the left.  They appear to be in focus and clearly defined.  The caterpillar on the bottom and the boy on the steps are meant to be taken literally but there are artistic manipulations that have been used to soften them.  The artist is borrowing traits from both to share their textures and meld the two sides.  We are left to understand that imagination and reality share the same space and neither is complete without the other.

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