Layers are overlapping components of an image in a sequence. Layers are used in everyday sequences in computer programs, books, nature and even on sports fields. Layers help build dimension and emphasis in a story, art piece, building or even in a market scheme. Layers help with the depth especially in screen printing, it is typical you print separately and stamp over, each layer at a time, but other examples have all layers placed on and then scans it into a one dimensional image which adds an interesting effect. There are many forms of layer forming, one of the most common ones is what we are all familiar with in our 4th grade art class, cut and paste. I recently took an art class where we made in-depth collages and it was definitely my favorite project. Adding images from different sequences really spoke to me. Layers is definitely my favorite way to add depth into some of my own personal designs.

In the book, Exits by Daryl Seitchik, he does an exceptional job layering his visual story in a way it is simplistic and dynamic. He isn’t using any colors, and minimal words so the strip layering down the page is an effective way to convey his image. On the page that I’m analyzing, he is a little sad boy hiding in grass. you can tell it is of a guy looking at grass, but he layers the grass into the eyes to imply that sight, the last layer is all black to emphasize he might as well have been dead.


Exits by Daryl Seitchik

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