Texture is the textile of everything in our lives, and helps us understand the nature of things. When it comes to art textures some times they are intentionally contrasted and manipulated with how they look as an art compilation. Texture can be elegant, ugly, slimy, fury, fuzzy, ect.. Textures are used to help tell a story for the ultimate visual description. Using textures correctly can convey emotional bonds to a story or object, it can bring back memories or convey moods, it is relevant in all mediums of art and can be used to stack on top of each other or one eliminated to complete a whole new texture, not familiar. There are a few types of textures that are the most relevant in design. Concrete texture is the physical quality resulting slicing, burning, marking ad extracting. It creates a robust appeal, as if something was roughly glowing. Surface manipulation artfully reflects the active process featured. This method is crisscrossing lines on a cutting board r something similar to represent an urban touch. Textual Harmony and contrast is a very visually satisfying application. The textures used on the objects also directly work with color for opposites or analogous color to satisfy ones eye looking at this objet.

For my example I am using Ballad written by Blexbolex. This book is filled with texture harmony and pattern. The artist does a really good job convincing its reader of the emotions thought images. This book has tops 3 words on every page, s the visual aspect is insanely important. Especially adding and utilizing texture in a successful way. One the page I’m analyzing, “the escape” are the only words written on the page, and it is of a man and the queen escaping a cave with what appears to be flames shooting at them. Just by looking at it , and the use of texture with the fire and dark night cave I can kind of imply t that there is a dragon chasing them out. But since I read the book, I know that it is a dragon. I think having that critical accuracy in a book just by looking at one page is a success on the artist’s part.


Ballad written by Blexbolex

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