Texture: Logan D. Quaranta-Rush


Linda Berry, What It Is, page 81, Image

Texture is apart of everything, it is “the tactile grain of surfaces and substances” as described in Graphic design the new basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Phillips. We often look at texture as how an object feels or a physical experience between ourselves and the object we are touching. Texture is a visual experience along side it being a physical one, we see this when working with different designs that have a repetition of objects the begin to lose their individuality. The use of text can create a different visual feeling of texture on a piece of paper, changing it from a smooth, clean surface to a rough and broken one as we see in Linda Berry’s comic What it is on page 81. Linda’s comic does not follow a “normal” approach when it comes to framing, instead we see a disorganized and confusing collage of doodles and typed or written texts. This somewhat random repetition of sentences placed around the page creates a visual feeling of texture that if one were to touch it, the page would feel rough rather than smooth like paper should be.  

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