Color: Miguel Bustos


Black Panther #1. Page 22. Marvel Comics. Written by Reginald Hudlin; Pencils & Cover by John Romita Jr.

This comic uses two of the primary colors, red and blue.  Almost everything in this page of Black Panther has a red hue to it.  The sky is red instead of blue, the clouds have a light red tint to it, the grass has a hint of read to it and the even the reflective parts of Black Panther’s black suit is red.  The white on Captain America’s uniform is also slightly red but his shield does not have red added to it.  The red used in the background is a different shade to the one that is on Capitan America’s gloves.

The whole picture has a monochromatic feel to it with the exception of Captain America.  His blue uniform is a complement of the red surroundings.  It stands out from the rest of the picture.  The artist used this contrast on purpose.  The blue does not seem to belong in this frame, much like Capitan America was not supposed to be in Wakanda, the homeland of Black Panther.  The energy produced by the clashing colors also helps add energy and tension to this fight scene, helping it move forward.

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