Color: Sophia Price

For this blog I chose to use another one of Lynda Barry’s works, Picture This. Her representation of Spring in this photo of the secondary color green throughout this page gives a calm feeling to the idea of spring. By only changing the greens value the picture, she allows for the tertiary colored orange and purple to pop and give her character presence against the softer background. The contrast of the green value gives the inner frame the focus of the page against the darker image within the frame (the monkey lady) and the outer frame which serves as complements to the focus of the frame. The flowers do not cause this more intense focus on the outer frame because they have the same soft tint as the inner green that seems to make it easy for your eye to scan across the page without giving them real focus. The background colors within this page have a dull intensity, which is only increased on the monkey lady of the scene. This dullness adds to the calm of the scene- Spring is the time when you begin to spend more time outside doing calming things, like planting. The gray that is carried throughout this scene adds to optical mixing of the page. It gives it a dimmer feeling, while not losing the crispness of the outer green. The outer frame adds


Page 91 from Lynda Barry’s Picture This.

to this with its selective emphasis on the shades of pinks, grays, and blues. They match with the darker green, while not stealing the focus of the center page. They add to the simple, happy feeling of the page in it’s entirety.

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