Color: Nikki Aviles



Page 2, Garfields Monday Madness

This week we were supposed to read about color and how color gives meaning to certain things in a comic/graphic novel, which is why F\for this blog post I chose a page from the graphic novel Garfield’s Monday Madness created by Andrew24. This page is supposed to be a calendar of the week, displaying how bad Garfield “Can’t Wait for the Weekend”. The way color gives meaning to this calendar is first off assigning these two complimentary colors, red and green, as monday and sunday. These are not only opposite colors in shade, but by assigning red to monday which is supposed to be the more stress-filled day, and green to sunday which is the more calm, relaxed day. In between are the different shades of these two colors, leading up to one another coordinating with each day. For example, Tuesday is orange, wednesday is a lighter shade of orange, thursday is yellow, friday light green, all leading up to the dark, calm, green used for sunday. In a way these colors are used as mood indicators. Seeing as how monday is stressful and hectic, they gave it the bright red which we usually see used in emergency for ambulance or cop lights, and as the days go by the colors lighten up, just like your mood would. And finally, incase you didn’t pick up on any of these color cues, Garfield is gladly demonstrating how he feels on each of those days.

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