Color: Logan Quaranta-Rush


Color while often overlooked by the average viewer, sets the tone for everything we see in our daily lives, from billboards to magazines to the colors that make up our roads. Humans perceive colors differently and associate them with different moods, feelings, and meanings. While one color can affect our perception of one thing adding another color can change that object or entire frame. While we talk about comics people often think about superheros in bright red, blue, green, and yellow costumes, some may think about blocky black and white comics that some how find a way to express the emotions being shown in a frame. Bright colors are often used by comic artists today to enhance the main character or characters in the frame. On this page from Marvel Adventures – The Avengers 037 we can see the use of these techniques to making the heroes stand out from the background and the dull colors of the civilians clothing blend in with the dull world around them. The background is made up of dull, cool colors to give us that feeling of disgust, fear, and even anarchy. One thing that the artist of this comic faced was using a extended limited color palette, while we see a fair amount of colors in these frames we don’t see many variations of those colors and they are kept simple and clean.


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