Tristan Moran-Salgado Color


“The Adventure of Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth” by Mr. F.C. Ware Pg. ?

The use of color is everywhere and color has different meaning in the way different people use color o view color in their work and in the world. In the book “Graphic Design the New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips they say that color can convey moods on things and based on what color that you use would tell what the relationship the work is to the artist. Color could make thing pop out if they contrast each other or make them hidden if the color mesh well with its surroundings that the artist could decide what colors that they want to use. Color has become a vital part in the design world that the color that’s used depends on the perception of the viewer and that the use of what colors they use is also based on the culture they live with. Designers have many different color pallets that they could use like using primary, secondary, tertiary, complements, or analogous colors and they have many shades, tints, and saturation values on each hue of color. Designs with colors has almost limitless ways that people could work with in their designs that could bring their imaginations into full view.

In the book “The Adventures of Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Man on Earth” by Mr. F.C. Ware on the page shown above the colors used in this page has dull hues of color in most parts of the page. In the top two frames of the comic for that page the colors for the settings and objects are grey, dull brown and light grey. The only bright color that was used was the boy’s bright orange pants in the second top frame which is contrasts with the scene and draws your attention to the boy knowing that he is the focus of the scene. The bottom three frames of the comic use similar dull washed out colors of gray blue, dulled white, black, and salmon. The only bright colors that contrasts those drab colors is the bright green of the trees and the orange color of the boy’s pants again to draw your attention to them. Based on those colors that Mr. F.C. Ware used he wanted the setting to have a dreary mood that the world around the boy is somber while the boy itself is bright.

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