Color: Jon Williams


Scott Pilgrim VS The World Vol. 1

Something to note before we begin is that originally, Scott Pilgrim was done in Black and White, which means the coloring was not part of the original story. Whoever did the coloring of the comic in 2012 though did a great job since there are underlying themes in how characters are portrayed with their colors and what those colors are associated with. One of the more interesting things about these panels is both how the eye is drawn from left to right and how the color transitions between the characters. As your eye moves to the right side of the page, it becomes warmer in colors, and contrasts well between the pages. Doing darkness is difficult when there isn’t a light source as there isn’t in this scene, however the abundance of blue makes it feel like it’s actually dark. The contrast in colors between the characters is also good, especially when it comes to foreshadowing. Scott Pilgrim is in very bland, flat colors that alludes to his boring life. Ramona’s colors on the other hand reflect her abnormal lifestyle, and alludes to how she’s different from the mundane. The theory of opposites attract is played more in the themes of their color scheme rather than their actual colors sense. While the background is mostly snow, there is a large abundance of browns and reds to contrast with the blues from the left side of the pages. Dark orange can tend to look brown, so there is a level of complementary colors going on here too. The way these colors interact is mostly white plus color theory, where the primary color is white on the page.

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