Color: Cesar Rubio


Pages 10-11 of The Mighty Boosh in Bongo Nihongo, included in The Mighty Book of Boosh as an exclusive mini-comic, by JAKe.

Color plays an import role in these two pages of The Mighty Boosh in Bongo Nihongo. In the reading there are two relationships that are discussed between colors. Complimentary and Analogous.

This particular section, previous pages stick to this color scheme too, is made almost entirely of analogous colors. Analgous colors are colors that are next to each other in the color wheel.

If one looks at this color scheme and compares it to a very similar one, it is clearly evident that the colors in the comic are very desaturated. This is done by taking a color and adding grey to it. This to me really sells the aesthetic that they are going for in this comic, a flashback of a band from back in the day. This makes the ink look older and just generally makes it seem a lot duller.

The only color that is not within this analogous color scheme is the light, tinted, color of Spider’s pants and boots. If one looks at this with a color wheel it is clear that this tint is complimentary to the oranages in the rest of the spread.

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