Color: Jasmin Negrete


A page from Chris Ware’s graphic novel “Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth”

In Chris Ware’s graphic novel, “Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth” there are many  different examples of how multiple colors interact with on anther. On this specific page, you can see the contrast between the gloomy gray color and the bright yellow, which seems to be the focus of attention throughout the comic. The buildings and the background around the main character and the object he is holding in the comic are saturated. Specifically in the frame in which the character is holding the key chain in this hands between his laps. The red hue in the image becomes a shade because of the black that is added to the red creating a  dullness to the color.  Throughout this comic page you can also see many other forms of color intensity being used. For example in the frame in which the character is seeing the key chains and reaching for one, you can see that white has been added to the yellow hue making the color appear brighter, as well as black being added to the read to make it appear dull. The dullness of the red glove also makes the yellow of the key chain brighter, making it seem that it is what the reader should be focusing on. On this page you also notice that the tint of the sky/background is very light. This is because white has been added  to create the lightest hue this color could produce. Throughout this  entire page you can see multiple colors contrasting with one another to emphasis certain aspects of the story and also to set a certain vibe to the story ( in this case the vibe is a bit gloomy).



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