Color – Javin Nash



Jimmy The Smartest Kid on Earth by Mr. F.C. Ware (page 24)

In this comic I noticed that there were images very similar to the one I chose. I noticed that this picture had three defining colors that stood out to me: pink, purple and blue. I learned from reading Graphic Design that all of these colors have something in common on the color wheel. On the color wheel they are next to each other, meaning that they all have minimal chromatic differences. I noticed that one of the colors (blue) was a primary color as well. A primary color is pure and cannot be made up from other colors. For an example Red Blue and Yellow are solid primary colors. Mixing two of each primary color will either be Orange, Purple or Green, these are our Secondary Colors.

There isnt a lot of different hue, tint,shade ot saturation in this picture because all of the colors are solid and not gradient looking. Although, I did learn that black is a coor and adding black to a color is what makes shade (like a car window) and adding white to a color is what makes tint. I noticed the Bezold Effect at the top of the page with the character walking on a crutch in a black background to create a darker effect to the storyline. I thought that the interaction of color throughout this page was interesting especially with the choice of colors being color + black and color + white. The near complements of this design was attractive to my eye for some reason and the selective emphasis at the bottom right corner was unique to me as well because all of the other circles were plain and boring. All in all, this page had some unique designs and after reading Graphic Design I feel different about how I read images now.

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