Color: Hak Do



Rodolphe Topffer’s “The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck”

Color can show a lot about any image. it can be used to guide the reader’s eye, it can be used to set a focus point in the image, or it can be used to tell a story. In Rodolphe Topffer’s “The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck” the background of all the frames and the pages are a warm tint. A lot of the images in the frames are mainly black and white with only a few spots that have color in them. The few spots that do have color in them are desaturated and don’t really pop out to the eye. Only things that really do pop out to the eye is when there is red in the picture where everything else is black and white. Also when red is the only color in the frame where it is all mostly blue and green. This page mainly has primary and secondary colors. All the primary colors and only one secondary color which is green. The blue and green hues interact with each other by making the two seem like one subject which is kind of confusing to the eye because with how desaturated all the colors are it makes it hard for the audience to focus on a subject. The red hues in the blue interacts by contrasting each other and creating a focal point. Same with the red hue and the yellow hue in the first frame. The red is a lot darker than the yellow which draws the reader’s eye to the person. This is a simple use of primary and secondary colors but at the same time a complicated use. It’s simple because only a few important spots are colors, but its complex because of how desaturated it is. That makes all the colors blend into one subject.


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