Color: Noah Martin

comic-image-4This image is a page from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “what it is”. Color in an image is very important because it can set a tone as well as tell a narrative for the story.  This image mostly uses shades of green, black and blue which is a primary color scheme. The image also has accents of orange and yellow. The main colors in this image are also all cool colors which in some cases can set a more serious tone. The title of this image is a black band across the top with white letters to fill, this difference in color creates contrast causing the title to stand out. Contrast draws attention because the distinct difference in color is not subtle. The background of this image is a combination of desaturated greens. This light green background causes the saturated blues and blacks which seem to be the main emphasis due to their intensity and contrast. The shades of blue in this image are light blue and have similar hue to the background which compliments each other nicely.

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