Color: Cassidy Krahn


Blackset Night, Writer Geoff Johns, Penciler Ivan Reis

Well hello Hal. This week for color I though what would be more perfect than picking though some Lantern Corps comics? Nothing. But let’s look at the wonderful colors here! So we are working with a lot of primary and secondary colors. The red, blue, and yellow lanterns are all primary colors. While the green, purple, and orange are secondary colors. Leaving the tertiary colors of pink left. Not in this comic the colors are represented of the respective lantern corps; green is willpower, red is rage, orange is avarice, etc. Each lantern is highlighted with the shade of the dark background.

The way the colors interact as beings is different that we see on the page. To me it looks like the designer took great care in making each lantern encapsulated in their respective color. Green Lantern is covered in electric green, same with Pink Lantern, and Blue Lantern. We can see in interactions of the colors in how they are layered. We see the Red Lantern more because it is against the Green Lantern verse if it was between pink and purple, red would be lost because they are close in value and intensity but different in hue.


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