Color: Angelica Tibule

According to Graphic Design: The New Basics, color can convey a mood, describe reality, or codify information, and is used to differentiate and connect, to highlight and to hide (p. 81). Throughout this comic, the artist mostly uses cool colors. The setting of this Garfield comic consists many tints of analogous colors, such as: blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green. The artist uses different shades of a color, for example, the color purple. Looking at the first panel of the story, the color of the wall and Garfield’s bed are both purple. Although, his bed is a darker shade of purple in comparison to the wall. In the following panel, the artist uses tint with a gradient effect of blue for the background, as well as the sixth panel, but with a tint of purple. In addition, the artist also uses complimentary colors between Garfield and his blanket, which is orange and blue. Going into more details, the fifth panel of Garfield eating out of the refrigerator, shows a gradient effect from yellow to blue. The gradient effect created that glowing effect coming from the light of the fridge. Out of all the panels, the fourth panel of Garfield lying down with the sun shining on him, is very tinted and uses both a cool and warm color to give that effect of Garfield feeling relaxed while being warm from the sun rays.

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