Color: Leandra Choy


image1 (1).JPG

Two pages from The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba (pages are not numbered for some reason.)

The use of color on these two pages from The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba helps with understanding what is happening in the scene or general frames (The large ones.) Also the use of color gives us a sense of action that is happening on both pages. On the left page, some type of fiery explosion happened inside of the building and the use of warm colors helps emphasize intense moods or the feeling of an explosion. The saturated red and yellow colors with some secondary colors along with tints of red and yellow illustrate the intensity and emphasis of the fire (not to mention how it blows out all the windows of the building too.) I like how on the next page, the warm page contrasts with the scene that is happening next.

The page on the right shows the after math of the explosion which is illustrated with cool colors instead of warm. Tints of blue, black, and shades of grey on this page makes me think of the saying “the calm after a storm”. All of the intensity has ended and all we see is the cold atmosphere and smoke due the the use of cool colors. One element that contrasts with everything on that page is the little exclamation flame above Pogo’s (the monkey) head. The use of warm colors here expresses that Pogo is shocked or surprised at what has happened without seeing his face.


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