Time & Motion | Cristian Gutierrez

Graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, "David Boring" (Pg 11)

Graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, “David Boring” (Pg 11)

When I first looked at this picture, the first sign of motion I saw was the plane. according to the Graphic Design book every image has implied motion. Artist use techniques such as rotation, scaling, cropping, repetition and others to convey a sense of motion. in this image the two most noticeable techniques are cropping and rotation. Like the road runner, the setting in this image is fixed which provides a sense of motion to the cars as they are partially cropped out of the frame. The plane is at an acute angle which signifies the plane is soaring high up in the sky. The last part of implied motion I can observe comes from the lines next to the cloud as well as the cropping of the clouds. These lines sort of represent the wind is strong and you could even see it on the grass.

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