Time & Motion: Theodore Nikolov

Movement can be created in numerous ways by popular artists and designers, what really captured my interest from this specific page from Batman is how artists Archie Goodwin and Alex Toth manage to display different ways to imply motion on the same page.


Page 6 of Batman: Death Flies the Haunted Skies by Archie Goodman and Alex Toth

One way this feel of motion and time is displayed is through the use of cropping. The frames themselves have been cropped in a way to be dynamic. The bottom three frames are very clever in the way they are angled downwards which helps convey time and motion. Change in position in the bottom third frame where Batman is jumping into the water tower helps show the change of time and imply motion (Graphic Design, pg. 240). That same frame displays repetition in that batman himself is drawn multiple times to show his change in motion throughout the frame.

Goodwin and Toth also use rotation in the first two frames to show how Batman (his body’s positioning) is in the motion of barely hanging onto a plane. They then follow that with an implied frame of him falling off of the plane that overlaps over the whole page.

What I found especially interesting in this page is that they also utilize the quotes to display him falling. They space out the wording and even make it overlap the frame to imply a change in time as he is falling which I thought was especially clever but not mentioned anywhere else as a technique to show time and motion.

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