Time & Motion: Allyssa Puett

Artists and designers create movement as well as showing passage of time using concepts such as repetition, shapes, overlap, and cropping. Motion in itself is type of change and change can only occur as time passes (Graphic Design, p. 233).


Page 230 of Batman: Death Flies the Haunted Skies by Archie Goodwin

In my example from page 230 of Batman: Death Flies the Haunted Skies by Archie Goodwin, there is implied movement in every frame from the characters themselves and their surrounding environment. Repetition of images such as Batman are shown running and leaping through the frames to try and save people. He is shown constantly changing position in each frame. This gives these particular panels a sense of panic and urgency.  The flames are present in every frame as well to enforce upon the reader that the fire is a pressing emergency in the story.

Goodwin also uses lines and shapes to create motion such as the fire extinguisher being used in an attempted to put out roaring flames in the background, which also make use of overlapping shapes and color to give it the roaring fire effect. Also Batman’s cape is drawn using curved lines and shapes in such a way to imply that it is dramatically swooshing around behind him. We can see that the frames are cropped to illustrate that the flames are moving in and out of the frame. Though it is a bit hard to see, in the middle right panel a little bit of Batman cropped to show that he is jumping away from the danger of a collapsing burning building.


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