Time and Motion: Jon Williams

Comics have many different advantages when it comes to the portrayal of movement. One of the advantage comics have over other mediums such as movies or books, is their ability to add verbal sound effects to mundane actions, and combine it with visual ques to inform the reader what has happened. As shown in the image of Wallace Wells falling drunkenly onto Scott, we get both a visual addition of lines showing the direction of his movement as well as the implied movement between panels, as he changes positions from one panel to the next. Keeping the frames close together in terms of small changes shows the passage of time being fairly short. Scott hasn’t moved from his spot, implying that the two actions of Wallace sitting and flopping down onto Scott are within seconds of each other. I feel that the motion here is more literal than implied. Even though the scene takes place in a 2-dimensional space, there is some overlapping action going on here, Wallace laying on Scott. Cropping and rotation play a small role in this scene, as nothing seems to rotate between frames, and the characters are the primary focus, which is why that’s all we see. The characters shape goes from upright to laying down, which would imply that Wallace has begun to become more relaxed in the second panel versus the first panel.


Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, vol 1 colorized. 

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