Time and Motion: Cassidy Krahn


Crisis on Infinite Earths, page 22, Penciler George Perez, Writter Marv Wolfman

Time and Motion you say? Well the Flash is the master at both. Diving right into the top box of the flash running thought the Time Stream we can see a ton of implied motion and restless lines. Implied motion is a way of suggesting the static image is moving. We can see there are four different Flashes and lots of lighting in the top images, implying he is moving really fast. Restless lines are lines that jump around a lot to create contrast. The red lines we see throughout the page all jumps around but ultimately show how fast the flash is moving. His body is moving so quickly though time and space it is creating a red streak.

Looking deeper into those restless lines if we look around he blue snapshots we see the lines get more fidgety. This to me is is a jiggle. Jiggle make something look like they are moving or animated. These fuzzy edges and the change in color let us know that we are peaking into another time line and Time Stream is moving as fast or faster than the Flash. Flash sees the Time Stream open portals and views different times. The authors choice to do this clearly lets us know what is going on without having to explain the action sequence in great lengths.

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