Time and Motion: Gilian Fejes

Time and Motion are closely related factors in images. Motion can be implied through different images together or separately in a single image. A lot of images today work with motion graphics that has implied lines and motion, but also physical changes in a short amount of time. These multimedia functions must work together to portray a motion that is seen within time. Animation and film are two large mediums that use both time and motion convey through actual movement within images. You can make motion through a still image in a comic by creatively assorting different pictures together that tell a story of time, maybe leaving one aspect there and moving another

I chose a comic called Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid On Earth by Chris Ware. I chose this particular page because it shows time and movement in a very effective way. It shows movement by having almost the same scene with people in different positions and timing walking across the comics. By the positioning of the main character you can tell that he is shy and waiting for these women to pass through. Through the spacing you can tell what the focal points are, and what objects are supposed to have motion. This comic does a  great job at portraying a natural flow of timing and motion into their stories and characters.


Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid On Earth by Chris Ware.



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