Time & Motion: Tia Caton


Raina Telgemeire’s comic “Smile”

For this post I really wanted to use an image from the comic Smile by Raina Telgemeire that I read earlier in the semester. After reading the chapter I thought this was a pretty good example of the use of time and motion. Time and motion were said to be two closely related principals. It was said that motion is a type of change and that change takes place in time. This motion can also be implied or literal, meaning that an object can actually move or just look like it has moved. There are also alternative modes of change which are scale, transparency, color, layer and more. By changing one of these modes you could create the appearance of motion. Along with these, the use of scale, cropping, repetition, overlap, rotation and shape help with the visual appearance of movements in two dimensional works.

In this comic you can see the that each of the frames have their own sort of “zooming” appearance. By cropping the image so that the people are closer or farther it looks as if they are moving the camera view closer or further away. Specifically in the last frame the man’s arm is the only thing there. By cropping the rest of his body out it appears as if his arm is zooming into the frame and furthering the “shoving” motion that is happening. A similar effect is happening in the second to last frame as well. By having the doctors hand in the corner and appropriately scaled to fit near the girls face it looks as if he is inching his way closer to her face. I think that the only other element really present here is the use of shapes and words in order to portray movement. In many of the frames you can see little dashes or lines that run along the path of moving objects such as the doctors arm. By including little details like this and following the path that the object is traveling it makes it really look like and indicate that the characters are moving. My favorite example of this is the last frame of the girl getting the dental equipment shoved into her mouth. It was this exact frame of movement that made me want to look at this comic again and use it as an example.

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