Time & Motion: Eva Guillen

Page 125 from Lynda Barry's graphic novel "What it is."

Page 125 from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What it is.”

When looking at this page from the graphic novel “What it is” I can spot the movement of the characters at the bottom. I am able to see their movement as the characters wrap around the text. There is a repetition used when it comes to the rotation of the characters; I can tell that they are all rotating clockwise. Then if I glance at the bottom ghost-like character I am able to tell that it is cropped out from the rest of the graphics done on this page. This is due to the shape around the character that overlaps the background of the other ghosts. Yet, because this character is in a shape that surrounds it, I can tell that it holds importance. The importance is noticed when the character stands out at the bottom of the page. Especially because compare to the other similar ghost, this one is framed to make it seem that it’s separate. The shape surrounding this bottom ghost also makes it feel like it is floating. Then I would also describe that the other two characters that are floating around the middle text appear as if they are moving because of the overlap they have on the background. The background seems it has repeated lines going the same direction, creating the effect of wind. This effect allows me to assume that the ghost like characters are moving along with the wind that is drawn. The page from the graphic novel that I chose helps me see what the quote states “Motion can be implied” if you look at the formatting done and the overall structure.

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