Time and Motion – Javin Nash


“Apocalypse Dad” by Taylor Dow. http://www.taylorhdow.com page 13

Motion is a kind of change and change takes place in time. This picture exemplifies this because the character is falling in space and as he falls his body is getting closer to the bottom of the black square or what we call the frame. The images at the top left and bottom left show that the main image was cropped. The first four images were designed to display a sense of movement whereas the last two images were static. Although there was no real repetition in this series of images or rotation the illustrator captured a moment in time of the character falling until he hits the ground to display the object at a dramatic instant (static). Another way the illustrator showed Time and Motion was through eruption of form with the white air contrasting, as the character was falling, the black background. I would have imagined the characters scale to change as he fell. From a bird’s eye view or an ants point of view I would have made the characters scale change instead of keeping it the same to show change in time and motion but the way the illustrator chose to do this was unique. I enjoyed the way the character was made with restless lines because usually people are drawn with solid lines and this caught my attention. There was no change in depth, color or transparency, there was hardly any change over time at all according to the book’s definition but there was a sense of change in position.



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