Pattern Design and Color Interaction

Geometric: Margrethe Odgaard for Ikea

The first pattern is geometric because there is an obvious pattern that repeats itself throughout the frame. A person does not have to deeply search to find the pattern because it is made up with simple lines forming shapes. There are lines made by the pattern but overall the pattern creates a grid structure. Because this pattern is on a grid it appears to be tiled and not repeated. The use of contrasting hues helps us see the grid. There are both warm and cool hues used throughout the pattern. The dark blue hue stands out from the rest of the hues because it is a dark shade as do the yellow and green-blue because of there high values. We compare these to the orange, tan, and white with their low values and lack of color and notice that they enhance the other hues. The dark blue comes forward as the yellow, orange, and white recede.

Organic: flicker photo by Julia

Organic: flicker photo by Julia

This pattern is organic and could be said to have stripes or dots but they appear in a more random way. This pattern is very intriguing and makes the viewer really search for the individual repeating parts. At first I thought this pattern looked more repeated than tiled but taking a closer look I realized that this pattern is tiled, but definitely irregular. The hues interact very well together as many of them have the same value. However, the orange has a much higher value than the other hues and therefore stands out from the other elements. The purple with the slightly higher value than the other dark hues is the next hue that catches our eye. Having all of the “dots” and “lines” placed on such a saturated, low valued, yellow background enhances the individual pieces. The yellow hue is also seen as its own element in the pattern as it becomes broken up throughout.

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