Framing the Girl With Frames


Image Taken From Hadi Girl by Miyabi Akino,  Publisher Manga Time Kirara Forward

When thinking about modern framing I’d like to use this modern Manga page as an example as it has very good examples of techniques that modern comic artists use in japan. Because we are talking about a physical comic book page, reading it would cause the page it is printed on to become an innate frame. The next super obvious frames are the thin black lines that act as individual panels for the right side of the page. The frames for the left side of the page are the tones in the background and and for the bottom panel left panel the edge of Sae-Chan’s hair acts as a boarder. The most interesting thing about this panel is that in the middle frame Sae-Chan completely ignores the lines and comes out of her panel bringing emphasis to her pose and allowing her to act as a frame for the other panels. Which allow us to know that the egg comes next because it is on top of her deeming it the next thing we read as our eyes flow through out the panel. Another interesting thing to consider is that the way she is facing would lead us to the next page too find out more, because the Japanese read from right to left.

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