Black Lives In Media


The Black Lives Matter Campaign Poster

When I looked at the black lives matter campaign poster I thought that the talks would be on heavy handed topics that are often hard for us to talk about. Due to the serious intense look of the poster with the grungy textures and black and white color schemes. For the most part the talk I attended actually did talked about heavy handed topics that made me uncomfortable talking about. For example the stereotype of the bad black mother figure that was represented in the Precious movie. When she talked about people  that she knew that lead lives like that I was really shocked. The blurry out of focus face in this picture makes this poster shocking and carries with it a sense of heavy shaking. Thankfully the message ends more hopefully when we ended on a still heavy but lighter topics of the way minorities are represented in videogames and online. What is more disturbing to me looking back on it is that as a minority I have never really thought of the way I was represented in games or online. But that’s because I’m finding it harder and harder to identify what I am. When I use things like MMOs and character creators I never make them look like myself and I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t like myself and when I think of why I don’t like myself. I really can’t come up with a good reason. Is it because throughout my whole life in the games I loved to play none of the heros I was ever playing looked like me. The same thing occurred with the movies that I watched as a kid didn’t have anyone who looked like me in them. This is really the first time I really thought about my race as represented in the media, but I honestly think it would be a bad thing if I thought too much about race while making posts on social media. I don’t feel as I personally feel misrepresented in the media. But this is sort of a gray area that is very unclear and I feel like this lack of clarity is what makes this poster perfectly represent the topic.

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