Image as Text – Alden Paguada

The Three images that I have chosen to represent Alice Tranum poem ” Down at the Bottom” are in some way related to one another. In her poem Alice talks about feeling really cold and trap at the bottom of an immense body of water. This could be interpreted in the picture of the ocean, depicting a notion of something coming up to the surface. At the conclusion of the poem, Alice mentions how this character feel saved and relieved to have a firm grip on the sand. Feeling somehow free of asphyxiation, feeling free after the struggles this character went through. This can be depicted in the pic above of feet walking on the sand, kind of feeling or being a peaceful environment. Alice also describes in her a poem a sense of being extremely cold, and this is why I chose the icy waters running down a stream.  In this case with this images, illustrations are very concrete and realistic. The are very realistic in how it illustrates the subject. At the same time with poems illustrations can be abstract and can become symbolic depending on the details added by the designer.

Poems in some ways are metaphors; it creates so many different meaning to what the actually text is referring. They are designed to be self interpreted, same goes for images. An image may represent something entirely different than what the text is actually saying. It goes back and forth, they go hand in hand with all these options available to designers. It will be challenging to tie these three images together and to come up with a broadside that illustrates balance.

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