Image as Text – Becka Prater

Suicide with rainbow splatter

Suicide with rainbow splatter

dreads crumpled money


I chose the poem, “We Are Our Sins” by Emily Page. The three images above are pictures that I plan to use because it sums up what the whole poem is about pretty well. These images also create a narrative interplay of the poem since I chose to go about with a more literal approach. The first two pictures are going to be silhouettes, which puts a darker hue into the broadside. I also think it will add more digital transparency since I may be changing the opacity of the silhouettes. The reason I will be doing this is because, although I want attention brought to the two figures, I want more attention to be brought to the crumpled dollar bill and the more saturated colors I’ll be adding into the broadside.

The dollar bill photograph is also something I will be turning into a silhouette so that it won’t be as detailed but the saturated green color will still be seen as a dollar bill. All of the images will be used as illustrations. The reason for this is because explicit detail isn’t important and I do not have to manipulate photographs in order to portray what I need in the poem. Finally, this way I will be able to put more of a symbolic spin to it and also input my own personal perspective and interpretation into the broadside. A perspective and interpretation I want the audience of the poem to see.

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