Image as Text – Katie Malberg

My partner for the project is poet Lucy Reyes. Her poems are family focused, specifically memories of her little nieces and nephews. I chose “Hand Turkeys,” to be the poem for the broadside. As the title suggests, her mischievous nieces and nephews were “painting” handprints on the walls. From its vivid imagery, I believed this poem would give me a wide range of ideas to consider, and also be an enjoyable one to work with.

I believed this painting would make a suitable backdrop for the broadside. The paint in the picture is smeared, almost as if a hands ran down the wall. There is no sense of realism inthis painting, which is the route I wanted to take. I wanted to reference the paint used in the poem, but not the literal little handprints t she writes about. I believe it would add to the interpretation of the poem as a whole.

Created by me on Photoshop

Created by me on Photoshop

This is a rough version of paint I made myself in Photoshop. An idea I had was to make the paper blend into the wall, and make these marks to look like actual paint marks on the wall. The poem would be placed in chunks. The idea behind this was to make these elements a sort of indexical sign. The chunks of text added with the paint smudges could be interpreted as the handprints smeared on the wall.

Taken by me

Photo taken by me

This photo I took is probably the least obvious and most interpretational of the three. This photo acts as a digital medium that references the wall the paint is on. It would act as the backdrop to the poem, and acts as canvas for people to paint the poem onto. They can imagine the handprints and smears themselves rather than have them literally in the image. It would keep the simplicity I want to achieve in relation to children, and also create a more open way for people to interpret the poem.

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