Image As Text- Megan Thompson

The three images that I have chosen below go along side the poem Dead Family Tree by Shen Tan. Within the poem Shen describes what it is like for someone to know their family history and the effects that it has on a person. The reason I chose tree and leaf images is because it goes along with the poem as narrative interplay. Trees and leafs are never mentioned in the poem but do act as image metaphors for the poem.

When I visualized putting images with this poem, I imagine tress of branches and connections in the dead of winter because the family three is unknown. This sense of winter puts a darker hue type on my mind as use of colors within the poem type as well as image. The first singe image of a leaf curled up correlates with the poem as the author describes loneliness and curiosity. The leaf curled up by itself represents that isolation feeling that the author is conveying. I also strongly correlate the leaf stem lines with the lines that connect this “dead family tree” that Shen is referring too. The way the leaf lines move in different directions that are unknown I believe to go along with an unknown feeling. Digital transparency helps add more of an affect to the dark color choice by changing the opacity of the color over lay.

The second image that is a single leaf as well has other leafs and ground materials surround it. I found this image to go along well because of the grass that is surrounding life just like how Shen describes her awareness of these other family members. It gives a little more comforting feeling about knowing that her original family is out in the world somewhere but he only knows the slightest information, just like the outside objects and the single leaf.

Finally, the large single tree photograph is a larger representation of an actual tree similar as to how Shen starts her poem. The poem begins with lineage lines that connect her unsure family. This is like a tree in how it starts with many branches and then comes down to a trunk. I chose this particular photograph because it reminded me of more grey and dark colors that set more a mood to the poem. I like how a tree reminds of how families have so many different connection that all lead back to each person’s roots. By having this close representation it can act as a narrative interplay that explains Shen’s family story.

Each of these photographs could have positive starting points or ideas for the imagery to go along with Shen’s poem. I imagine any of these image types could easily go along with the narrative interplay of Shen’s poem and create an emotional message from her words.

"After Leaf" by Keonl Cabral

“After Leaf” by Keonl Cabral

Leaf Bed by Michael Cessna

Leaf Bed by Michael Cessna

Trees by Safar Fiertze

Trees by Safar Fiertze

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