Typeface Anatomy – Katie Tufts

I chose this picture of typeface because there were a couple different ones to look at in this picture and they were all different from each other. Each typeface seems to have a serif except for the word “it” which the artist just gave a 3D look instead. The letters B and E both have a very big and bold spines as well as an equal cap height. Both of those elements combined help make the word “be” so bold, also by having both letters be in all caps influence the boldness. The words “what” and “will” are both tilted at a slant which kind of gives them a stretched look almost. Each letter in those words is a serif and all are at an equal height. Comparing the words “so” and “be”, “so” has a lighter fill inside

tumblr_nco1cmwP4d1qji3xao3_500adfgr the letters compared to “be” which I think makes it stand out less. It seems like the word “be” is a bigger font than “so” because of the different fill when they might even be the same size. The word “sugar” is interesting because the S and the R both exceed the cap height while the other letters are all of equal height. It would make sense that the capital S will exceed the cap height because all the other letters are in lower case, which makes the R kind of funny to me because it is in lower case and exceeds the cap height. What also makes this word more interesting is the G’s descender. The letter G is in the middle of the word and the descender hangs lower in the descender height than all the other letters. It almost seems kind of symmetrical to me with the two outside letters extending above the other letters and then the middle letter extending lower than all the other letters. It gives it a sense of balance.

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