Blog Prompts: 336

This page provides blog prompts for each blog entry that is due. Please review guidelines each time you post. Remember, posts are due before class begins (see schedule).

Extra Credit offerings are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Blog #1: Point, Line, Plane

Write a short essay that explains your understanding of how compositional elements can be broken down in points, lines, and planes. Include at least three different images (these should be the images you captured using a digital camera for class on Tuesday, 8/28), one for each element. You may address the concept of space/volume if you wish. Can you also explain how the relative scale of a compositional element can affect our perception of whether it functions primarily as a point, a line, or a plane?

See these sample posts for reference (sample post 1 and sample post 2) and make sure you have read the posting guidelines.

  • Title this post Point, Line, Plane: Your First  & Last Name
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Blog #2: Texture

Post the photo or photos you plan to use for Project 1: Textural Interpretation. Also post the descriptive paragraph you have written for your photo(s). Your description should be very thorough and focus on the formal characteristics of the image (what vocabulary and concepts can your use from your reading?). Ideally, someone could imagine your texture without being able to see it or feel it just by reading your paragraph(s).

Make sure to review the posting guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Texture: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and texture categories when you post

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Blog #3: Pattern

Spend some time looking at examples of the Gee’s Bend Quilts and thinking about your pattern and geometric/organic (also, abstract/representational) readings. Choose one quilt for analysis, and write a blog post that addresses the following questions: How would you describe the pattern(s) and imagery used in this quilt? Why does it look the way it does? What do you think sources of inspiration may have been? Why do you think the artist made it? Review Blog Guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Pattern: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and pattern categories when you post

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Design Blog #4: Color Interaction

Choose a visual example of a pattern that demonstrates powerful interaction of color as explained in your reading. How is one color used to intensify or diminish another color? Choose a pattern that uses multiple hues (avoid patterns that use just one hue with black, white and gray). Explain the interaction of color you see in terms of hue, value, saturation, and /or temperature relationships. Are colors analogous? Complementary? Does figure/ground (positive/negative) play any role in the color interaction you are seeing? Review Blog Guidelines.

  • Title this post Color Interaction: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and color interaction categories when you post

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Blog #5: Formstorming & Modularity

Review Marian Bantjes’s TED Talk again: Intricate Beauty by Design and spend some time looking at her website: Choose one example of her work and explain how specific concepts from the formstorming and modularity chapters manifest themselves in her creative design practice. Review Blog Guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Formstorming & Modularity: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and formstorming & modularity categories when you post

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Blog #6: Type Anatomy

Choose an example from our visit to MASC to write about and analyze in terms of your type anatomy vocabulary: Why does this example have the visual presence that it does? What are the specific characteristics of the letters and the ways in which they relate to one another? Even if your example is handwriting, or calligraphy, rather than type, you can still discuss the concepts from your Letter chapter (pgs 11-84) reading. Make sure to take some reference photos while you are there and to take note of what the work is and who made it so you can cite it on your post. Review Blog Guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Type Anatomy: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and type anatomy categories when you post

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Blog #7: Art Museum Visit

Choose an example from our visit to the WSU Art Museum to write about for this blog post. Explain why you think it is an interesting and relevant example for you specifically, and how it might influence or inform your own decisions about your type design and poster design for project 3. Make sure to reference one or more relevant concepts from your Illustration reading by Timothy Samara as well. Write down the artist and title of the piece before you leave so you can cite the work properly. Media and size are also good things to note. Review Blog Guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Art Museum Visit: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and art museum categories when you post

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Blog #8: TBA

  • Title this post TBA: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog and TBA categories when you post

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Extra Credit Post: Helvetica

Rent and watch the documentary “Helvetica” by Gary Huswitt and write a comprehensive post (at least 500 words) that demonstrates your understanding of how the design of this typeface has been so pervasive and polarizing for contemporary designers. What aspects of the documentary were most informative for your understanding of typography in general, as well as for your work on Project 3: Type Design? Make sure to post at least one visual example that relates to your observations. Always review Blog Guidelines before you post.

  • Title this post Helvetica: Your First  & Last Name
  • Check the 336 Blog categoriey when you post

You may earn up to 25 extra credit points for this post, which must be completed by Tuesday, 11/27 (after Thanksgiving Break). These points may be applied to any work you have completed for the course, but you may not exceed 100% for the class by the end of the semester. In order to earn all 25 points for this post, your level of detail and your writing should demonstrate a serious time commitment.