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I'm a graphic design student at Washington State University. My favorite things are art, music, and family.


The piece from the MASC Collection I chose was a broadside written by the class of 1918 to that year’s sophomores.  It integrates display type well, creating a visual hierarchy within the text.  The most important information is printed in large display … Continue reading

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Student Broadside Critique – Kelsey Johnson

Lisa’s broadside displays an excerpt from Sir Arthur Conon Doyle’s The Sign of the Four, a Sherlock Holmes novel.  The mood of this text is meditative and aloof and has the feel of classic literature because of the use of old-fashioned … Continue reading

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Alphabet Design – Kelsey Johnson

The text I chose to inspire my alphabet’s design is a paragraph from the novel The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The novel is set in New York in the 1920’s, and the passage is describing a night scene in … Continue reading

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Small Multiples – Kelsey Johnson

This infographic I found (via Pinterest) compares the daily routines of various historically creative people.  Each person has their own circle with their routine circling a photograph of them.  Because this is information regarding schedules and time of day, the … Continue reading

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