Class of 1918 Broadside - MASC Collection

Class of 1918 Broadside – MASC Collection

The piece from the MASC Collection I chose was a broadside written by the class of 1918 to that year’s sophomores.  It integrates display type well, creating a visual hierarchy within the text.  The most important information is printed in large display type.  The type that stands out the most would be “SOPHS!” “PROCLAMATION” and “THE CLASS OF 1918.”  They stand out most because they are the largest type and are also printed in red.  These three bits of information give away the purpose, audience and author of the text to people passing by, and draw the reader in to learn more.

The next biggest text is in black, and tells the reader to “listen!” “Believe the TRUTH” and “Read and absorb this.” Towards the end of the broadside is black text of the same size that tells the reader that the upperclassmen are their masters, and that they need to recognize that.

The majority of the large text is in all capital letters, suggesting importance and urgency.  The red color of the largest text suggests this as well.

The closer one gets to the page, the more information they can read as the type gets smaller and smaller.  The reader starts to learn that this poster is setting rules for the underclassmen, and that the text is there to make fun of those younger students.  It is an early, innocent form of hazing in college.

The biggest text stands out the most, creating visual hierarchy and gives the most important information first.  This is why the display type on this broadside is so effective.

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