Putting It All Together: Shira Feinberg

For my final project, I decided to make something that truly represents who I am through the eyes of most of my friends, who would say that “I live in a romantic comedy.” Therefore, the purpose of this comic is to make something cheesy yet romantic and fun, while combining some of my experiences with a lot of cheesy romantic stuff, such as the proposal and holding hands on a hike to a lake with a Mountain view. I also wanted to try an express the people’s emotion throughout the comic, through the use of the fireworks, the uppercase words and exclamation point, and more.

Week 15 Comic made by Shira Feinberg

I tried to make this comic into a poster comic, like we were supposed to do in the original Project 2, thereby challenging my creative skills. Furthermore, I chose to make this comic on Illustrator, as I haven’t really used it, until these weekly comics. I also tried to use tools that were more difficult to use such as the pen tool. Also, if we ended up making comics on other platforms, I think that a website that scrolls down would’ve been a cool place to put this comic, I am unsure how I will split it to look nice, but I may have added more cells such that every comic is about two to four cells tall.

As I mentioned earlier and as you can clearly see in my comic, this is a romantic, somewhat of a comedy, comic. This is clearly seen when the two people are walking and holding hands, along with when they are sitting on the beach and one of them proposes to the other.

When putting all the pieces together, I tried to add in some good transitions between each part of the comic. This can be seen with, in the second row, I added in “couple hours later,” to lead me from the car to the middle of the hike, and then from their conversation of seeing a gorgeous view, on the same row, which helps transition to the two people sitting on the beach, then the sun begins to set which brings out the stars, and since I wanted to emphasize the stars, I included one mountain instead of all four.

This comic took me several days to think of an idea and numerous hours to complete. I had a fairly hard time coming up with a comic that was lengthier, especially one that had all the components that I wanted. However, after a while, I came up with a few quick comics which I noticed that I was able to combine into a larger one. Which is the comic you see above. I had to change a few minor things in order to allow for a smoother transition, but I think that overall, it is a pretty cool start to a comic. Also, since I don’t have that much practice, if any, with Illustrator, I decided to use simpler shapes, including stick figures, instead of a more detailed person.

At first glance, this comic looks simple and colorful, with more emphasis on the stars. This was my choice because I love looking up at the stars and imagining what there is beyond them. As per the rest of the comic, it is simple but says a lot, since it is a full day trip with lots of scenery changes. I also tried to change up the framing, rather than making it symmetrical to add a further challenge. This is seen with the 5 small cells followed by one cell with a story throughout the image, and then back to the generic 4 cells and 2 cells (which are also different sizes), followed by that are cells, where one of them is three cells put together to convey one message. Overall, I really tried to learn new tools and push creative boundaries.

Overall, this comic is more ambitious than the other two weeks as for one, I embedded them into this comic, but also because I tried to create a comic that pushes the boundaries of my original thought of comics, where they need to be symmetrical. Thus, I added in the one cell that has several smaller pieces in the same scene. Unlike the first row which has different cells for each piece.

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