Putting it all together: Jennifer Engelke

Fourth-grade by Jennifer Engelke on Adobe Illustrator May 2020.

When asked to “express my individuality” I automatically knew I had to embrace my unlucky trait. While I have seemingly endless stories of being unlucky I chose to tell the story of how my fourth-grade teacher never made me a popsicle stick and proceeded to pull out the entire classes’ sticks, never realizing he never pulled mine. Although some would see being unlucky as a problem and would allow it to get their spirits down, I do not. Over the years I have learned that it is just something that is common in my life. Since being unlucky is my reality I choose to face it with humor. This was what inspired my step 1 from Scott McCloud’s Six Steps from Chapter 7. I would embrace my popsicle story, but with humor. 

As I was planning my comic out in step 2 I decided to construct my comic vertically, instead of the previous 2 weekly comics in which I designed horizontally. This allowed me to compose my comic in a different way to try something new, and I had to revert from what I had been practicing all along. Step 3’s Idioms are prevalent in my comic as I used a four-leaf clover to represent “luckiness.” In the second panel, a peer has found a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luckiness; however my character is seen holding a two-leaf clover, nothing near as lucky as a four-leafed one would have been. A clear structure for step 4 also is shown. I created these sequences of panels to be easy to read since it was a story about my time in fourth-grade. 

The craft of step 5 was something I knew I wanted to work a lot on in this comic. The past two comics I had done featured characters that looked quite simple and similar. This comic I wanted to create characters that looked completely different. Truthfully, this is where I spent most of my time on this project. Before I had only ever done one human character, this time I was getting ambitious and doing three. I took my time and fully designed my character at first, and hated it. It looked way too similar to everything I had previously done and I was not happy with it. So after watching a couple of videos and completing some google searches of “people made with Illustrator” I was finally able to come up with a style of character I truly loved. I then applied this same style to finishing the two final characters. In addition to a new style of characters, I wanted to try shading for my final comic. While I knew I wanted to keep with my flat style I wanted more depth to the images. I was able to achieve this look by using the shape builder tool, which has quickly become my newest favorite tool on Illustrator. 

Step 6: Surface, I believe I cover a lot of the learning objectives in this course with my piece in terms of concepts, line usage in my illustration, and coverage of time in between the gutters. Overall, this final weekly comic is the one I am by far the proudest of this semester. 

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