Putting It All Together: Anthony Sanchez

Shades of Black By Anthony Sanchez

For my final comic and last blog post I really wanted my comic to reflect and express my individuality in a unique way. As a person I’m very calm and mellow. But like everyone else there are times where I question very simple things in life. So, with the comic I thought it would be perfect to show perspective. As I started the comic, I had a set plan were the structure of the comic would be set to where you can see a clear change in perspective between the drawings but the more I drew I realized my individuality can’t be shown by just looking into perspective. But it can be shown in shades of black which is why I title the comic “Shades of Black.” “Shades of Black” means everything to me that help build me to who I am now. Each panel has its own purpose and its own meaning. I wanted the text itself to hold more meaning rather than the pictures.

The comic itself was drawn up on an app called Procreate on my iPad. With each section I had to draw individually to get its own vast amount of details.  So, with the first panel I decided it should be of me. I decided that the background and the foreground should hold equal value. With the background I decided to go with a brush that was similar to dry acrylic brush. I wanted this dark fading affect to represent hardships that I have still yet to face. But with the foreground it’s white because I want to show how calm and pure I am. But still having this like whatever face going on. In the way of form, this “whatever face” is something that I would say show’s a unique characteristic of myself.  Now with the second panel I wanted to show more of my love for anime. This panel doesn’t have as much meaning but its drawn to represent a character who had faced hardships in life but is moving towards a better lifestyle. The panel itself was created with a brush called a studio pen to get the outline of the man, but with the background I used a tool called soft airbrush to get that misty look.

With the third panel I though it be important to show what inspires me to be me. Music is something that has impacted my life positively and it defiantly shows my individuality. Post Malone is someone who’s generally a positive guy but his music at times can show negative feelings which fits perfectly with my theme of “Shades of Black.” Now with this panel I started it of tool called a HB Sketch pencil. I sketch the general outline with it. But I also used a tool called sketch blunt hard fade. Now with that tool it gave hard lines but with a fade towards the end to give of the smooth look. With the final panel it’s another drawing of myself. This panel is to be the polar opposite of the first panel. I wanted to show happiness and that I’m at a peacefully state. The tools used are similar to the ones I used on the previous panel.

With this comic I thought really hard in how to capture the prompt of showing my individuality. I thought the best way would be to go the simple way but as I progressed with the comic, I soon realized that it wasn’t. I realized going out of the norm and being different and showing the different shades of black would be the way to go. So, with this comic I defiantly think I went far beyond the previous two. I put more thought and details into the comic. I wanted it all to have meanings but at the same way capture the prompts that needed to be done.

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