Putting It All Together: Luis Trejo

Week 15 Comic By Luis Trejo

After reading chapter seven from Scott McCloud, I began to brainstorm what I wanted to portray in the comic for the week. The idea that I had when creating the comic was to express what happens in my mind when I listen to music. I wanted to link music to imagination, showing what I see in my own eyes when I listen to it. There is not a second in the day that I am not listing to music and I showcase that in the comic. I want the viewer to be able to enter my imagination throughout the strip and connect to the power that music has. Music can be used as a way of isolation, in doing so it keeps the listener calm.

To create the comic, I used Adobe Illustrator. The first thing I did was use the rectangle tool to create the boarders that I wanted to shape out the panels. I then created another layer and used the unique style to create the comic. I started the first panel off with a close shot of a person listening to music. I chose the color black because I wanted it to symbolize reality and purple symbolizes imagination. I used a different type of style for the purple and wrapped it around the headphones to make it look like aura. The next panel is the same person walking on a cross walk except the entire background is created in their imagination. Everything is imaginary except for the person that is listening to music.

In the following panel, there is another close on the eye of the person that is listening to music. I changed the color of the eye to the same color of their imagination. The reasoning behind this is to find to the reader that everything that is purple in the scene is what the person that is listening to music is envisioning. Then in the final panel of the comic, the reader is finally introduced to reality and views what is going on around the person that is listening to music. The cross walk is crowded with people that are coming and going. Meanwhile the person that is listening to music is lost in their own imagination. The music is isolating them from rest of the crowed, placing them their own imagination. Even though they are still physical present in the crowd of people.

For the previews comics that I have created for the class, I felt that they only have one meaning and one way of looking at them. While in this comic I wanted to challenge that and leave the meaning behind the comic up to interpretation of the reader. I did not want to take a stand on if listening to music in public could be a bad thing or a good thing, so instead I just showed the power that music can have on people. It can be used as a way of isolation while also keeping you calm and motivated.

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