Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Jon Preng

For my “Show and Tell” comic, I decided to create a visual that was about my favorite sport, basketball. I used interdependent combinations throughout my work. For instance, in the first frame, I show that the person shoots the ball with 3.1 seconds left. However, the audience does not know if that was the last shot of the game since I did not include words in the same frame. However, in the next frame, I make it clear that the basket was made and there was no time left on the clock.

Another combination that I used from Scott McCloud’s example is “picture specific.” On page 153, I believe my work is similar to the example shown. They are both sporting moments with the same results of succeeding. McCloud’s example was bowling and mine was basketball.

For this comic, I only used a few tools, which were the shape tools, text and the color/fill. It was a quick process since my comic is simple and not too complex. Some techniques I used included copy & paste, 3D lettering and using the rectangle tool to make the panels.

Referring back to chapter three in McCloud’s “Understanding Comics,” the type of closure that is in my comic is action to action since the transitions relate to my subject with distinct progression.

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