Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Jon Preng

In my week 13 blog about “Living in Line,” I decided to create a visual that represented the current pandemic we’re facing, along with the types of people. I believe there are individuals who take it serious and those who take it lightly.

I used line in many ways to display the emotion and attitude. For example, in the second panel, I used different types of word bubbles instead of keeping them all the same. Shortly after, I used lines in the background of the figures talking to represent their tone. On the left, the lines are straight for a calm and quiet mood. On the other hand, the lines on the right are more exaggerated. Eventually the figure that was calm went from peaceful to angry since people are no cooperating. I could have left the hourglass by itself, but I decided to add lines to emphasize that the process has been going on for a long time period. I think it worked great with the text as well.

The tools I used were the paint brush, text tool and shape tools. Some techniques that I used were copy & paste, 3D lettering and using the rectangle tool to create panels. I also used the rectangle tool in different sizes and lengths to create a city skyline. Throughout my comic, there are space between panels except for the middle. I wanted to represent that it was a single scene of a conversation. I decided not to use color to focus on the goal of using strictly line as a way to determine the story.

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