Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Sabrina Hoenes

Until I Find You Again by Sabrina Hoenes

For this weeks comic I decided to tell simple story of a lost love. I think my comic uses interdependent word-picture combinations. I believe that without the phrase “I’ll search the universe”, that the comic would not have the same effect. So by including the phrase, I feel that it ties my comic together smoothly.

I think that I use the duo-specific combination, because in the main “panel” I have the boat “sailing” through outer space. My phrase gives purpose to my panel and the overall storyline. The phrase also conveys the same message as the boat. That the figure in the boat is searching on the “clouds” within the universe.

For tools and techniques, I did use illustrator again. However, unlike last week I challenged myself further and took into consideration the feedback I got from last week’s comic. I wanted to add more color but also keep it simple. I also used the gradient tool in order to create and color my female figure’s hair. Using this tool really helped me get the effect that I wanted for her hair. It also added more dimension to my comic instead just having it all be solid color blocking. I also used the gradient tool for the background of my comic, I originally was going to just have it be all solid black. But then I decided that it made my comic look too boring and plain, especially since I was already using a simple color blocking for the boat and clouds. For my planets I used some of the photoshop effects within illustrator, I did this because I wanted to do something else besides gradients and color blocking. I chose the stained glass effect because I liked the way it made my planets really stand out. I also used the glow effect for several objects within my comic, such as the silhouette and the stars. I feel this adds more to the space aesthetic I was going for. It also helps my figure in the boat to stand out more and not be lost within the background.

What I noticed with this weeks comic using the tools, that I was more confident and comfortable with Illustrator. I used the same technique as last week, sketching first and the digitally rendering the comic. I think doing the comic digitally instead of traditional really made my piece stronger than it would have if I just used paper.

For closures I feel it can be many of the ones mentioned by Scott McCloud. But I feel that it could be both subject to subject and aspect to aspect or even scene to scene. I left my comic this way because I wanted there to be many interpretations.

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